I love living in a small town! In my last entry I mentioned I was going to look for someone to help me take down the horse shelter. I posted an ad on a couple of our local facebook pages and within an hour had someone lined up. He came out the next morning and in two short hours had the roof and sides off. I helped where I could – which is to say not much at all except to haul the 4×8 sheets of OSB boards from the pasture to our front yard. Not such a big deal – but those boards are heavy and I was ever so grateful that we still have snow and icy patches on the ground to slide the boards on.

Yesterday I spent a couple of hours removing any left over screws from the 2x4s and the OSB and then moved 8 sheets to our front deck so I can get started building the chicken coop on a level surface. I was pretty proud of myself for having done so using the cordless drill driver and circular saw. I’ve not been able to handle any power tools since my first surgery and since my building skills are not the best, I’ve always been relegated to helper status when Tom & I have had any building projects.  I surprised myself yesterday because the de-construct went really, really well. When I just couldn’t get a couple of 2×4’s unscrewed, without hesitation got our the saw and cut them apart. Have to admit it was pretty interesting doing so in our crazy spring weather. Warm and sunny led to high winds and hail then snow and back to sunshine and with temps about +7C. Although, by the time I was done I was pretty sore and retreated inside for a cup of tea and some Advil. I sat down with the tea and woke up two hours later 🙂

So far this morning it is sunny with no wind, so I think I’ll wait until it warms up a bit more before I go out and start by building nesting boxes. If that goes off without a hitch then I might get brave enough to start building the actual coop. I’d like to get this done before Tom gets home next weekend because it would be nice to say that I was able to do this without having to make him do all the work. And it would be a victory on my long return to full health and reclaiming my strength. If building the nesting boxes doesn’t go well, I’ll just go continue tearing down the pallets we used for the horse shelter.

We built the temporary shelter last fall because 1) our landlords didn’t want anything permanent built and 2) being new horse owners I wanted to be sure they had shelter, but apparently my boys preferred to use trees instead. So we are going to re-purpose the wood to build our new coop and pig pen shelter for our weaner pigs. The pig shelter can wait until the snow is gone though. The chickens are due as soon as I can get the coop built.

These are pics of the temporary shelter. It wasn’t pretty but it did work. The boys only used it to poop in over the past two weeks 😦

Pics of the coop as I make progress 🙂



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