Or at least that was my intention for this morning. Until it started to snow – again.

I know that this is only the second day of spring and that I live in the central part of the province, And yes, I know that I still have 2 feet of snow in the yard…but…

A girl can still dream – can’t she?

Well – the new chicken coop is as done as it is going to be until things warm up and I can paint it, but until then it is sitting in our front yard and covered in a tarp. It is on skids so we can move it into it’s permanent home once the snow is gone. The new chickens are here and settling in nicely – in fact I am now getting about 2 eggs on average a day.  The girls are all under a year of age, so I expect egg production to pick up in the next few weeks. And our beautiful Lavender Orpington rooster has now found his voice and is serenading the ladies quite regularly. I ended up with 4 Americauna hens, 2 Lavender,  1 Buff and 1 black Orpington hens. I’m now on the hunt for a couple of Black Copper Marans hens and the rainbow of eggs will be complete – for now 🙂

So the next project…We have a really old single pane glass greenhouse that needs repairing and some of the window have to be replaced because they are broken. I need to fix the windows and that is the goal for the next few days if it warms up a bit more. I am researching the best and most cost effective way to heat it until our days and nights are warmer and once I decide on how to do it I’ll be transplanting all the seedlings I started last month. I’m stunned because I’ve never really had much luck when starting plants from seeds – but  as you can see from the following – I’ve got a veritable jungle on my hands.

and these are just the squash, cucumber and zucchini. The dining room table and my dog grooming table are covered as well with Roma Tomatoes, chives, parsley, red and yellow peppers, broccoli, kale & lettuce. although the broccoli and lettuce are looking leggy and thin, everything else is doing better than I expected.

And now, because it is snowing heavily, I am going to curl up with a book and a cup of tea and enjoy the quiet and the warmth of a fire. And plan. And dream. And hope that this slow thaw will hurry up and get over with – at least around the house – because I hate the mud that gets tracked in by the dogs, the cat and even me every time one of us comes inside.


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