The shoulder season between winter and the greening of spring has always been my least favorite time of year. The mud is always nasty and no matter what you do – it is everywhere. I used to think it was awful when we had huskies however, it is worse by far with the horses. Not to mention EVERY time the dogs or the cat (or even me) come in there is mud tracked in. Vacuuming happens at least once a day, followed by sweeping. I’ve given up washing the floors unless I can’t get the dirt up with the vacuum, thank Goodness for laminate!

Here’s a picture of the horses this past weekend – and they’re actually quite clean in these picture. As of today, Floyd (our paint) is more mud than white and Gold Rush is almost exclusively mud brown instead of his pretty dun colour. 😦

After the farrier is done today, I am finally going to be able to get out and re-plastic the greenhouse so I can get things ready to move all the seedlings out. Before I do I have to pick up some kerosene for a heater that will be in the greenhouse to keep the plants alive until it finally gets warm enough for them overnight. The spaghetti squash and zucchini are already blooming and I doubt I will move them out of the planter boxes they are in – but they are overtaking the living room.

and then here are the tomatoes, broccoli, kale & peppers

Now I am off to catch the boys and get them closer to the house so I don’t have to chase them down when the farrier gets here.

Please spring… warm up soon!


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