I love spring and this year I’m really enjoying being able to putter around outside, cleaning up the yard and watching all our critters. Grooming the horses or watching the chickens and their antics can make me lose hours in a day, and I have to say I can’t remember being quite so content.

Although we are dealing with one of the coldest and wettest springs on record, I’m getting out and getting a lot of outside work done. Over the past couple of weeks I’ve managed to get all my seedlings into the greenhouse with only the cucumbers freezing. Everything else is growing – slowly – but growing. There was a lot of old sheet metal and crap left over from previous owners & renters and that is all now gone from the front of the property. That’s meant that I’ve been able to  see what was previously planted and now transplanted things where I want it to go.

There was a big push to get the pig shelter and pasture built and while we finished the fencing last weekend, I managed to get the hotwire put up on Monday. When Tom gets home this weekend, we only have to put in the grounding rod then hook up the electric fence and then pick up our little piglets. I’m really looking forward to having them here and know that it is going to be a HUGE learning curve.

On Wednesday I picked up 10 chicks to add to our small flock. I only wanted 6 hard to find Black Copper Marans but got talked into taking the last 4 Americaunas that the woman had. So now the babies are safely ensconced in our big corner shower and the dogs and cat have taken turns watching them.

At night when the chicks get really active, Tank (our big retriever) rushes into the bathroom to stand guard and watch them carefully. The cat is not sure what to make of them at all and seems to be more scared of them than interested in playing with them. The chicks have to stay inside until they get al their feathers in and that’s ok because I still have to build them an ‘addition’ to the chicken coop, once it gets moved. We’re on the list for 4 turkey poults too – but they aren’t due until the end of May, so that gives me a few weeks to get the new addition done.

Yesterday I got lost in the local nursery and then spent the afternoon planting my containers. The hanging baskets are safe but I have to keep the containers inside until we get the chicken coop moved into it’s permanent home in the pasture, and not the front yard. Otherwise the year-old hens are in them and digging them up.

And then to round the week out, our Bernese Puppy was born on Thursday! 18274696_1669689836673821_2021686762492423123_n

I’m ever so grateful and quite content, even though with all the heavy yard work that I’ve done, I’m rediscovering some muscles I’d forgotten that I have.


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