They say that if you don’t like the weather – wait 10 minutes. And it is certainly true of this year. As I write this it’s been snowing for the past three hours. Barely sticking, but just enough to make everything gross and slimy. It’s so horrible that the chickens haven’t even bothered to come out of the coop yet.

My burst of spring baby fever has just about run it’s course and things are settling down now. The piglets are in their pen and growing. They are pretty funny to watch as they pop up from sleep and run around and around then root around and dig. It hasn’t taken them long to respond to the sound of my voice when I enter their pen. The cat is not too sure what to make about them and it was only yesterday that she actually went anywhere near their fence, where she sat and watched them for about half an hour.

Last week I ended up building a make-shift shelter for the chicks and although it wouldn’t pass any contractors inspection it is solid and keeps them warm. On Sunday I opened up their coop so they could get outside and get some sunshine and they were quite happy to be out and checked their little mini run out. Since their feathers aren’t all in yet they’ll have to stay pretty much inside unless the days are warm. But I’ve made sure that they have a safe, decent sized run to be in outside until they are big enough to be around the hens.

We spent the weekend  re-fencing  about 500 feet of perimeter fencing as well as closing the front acre off for a ‘front yard’ to keep the chickens out of my garden areas and the dogs out of the ponds. It was a ton of work because the fence line was so overgrown with trees and brush and the old fence was literally falling down with a lot of small trees growing into it.  So at least the worst of it is done for now and the neighbours dogs and other wildlife can’t get into the pasture on that side. We still have a large portion to fence off in that area, but we need to cut and clear away several trees that fell across the fence last fall and winter. We’ll do the rest of the fencing around the property perimeter over the next few months, but it is 10 acres and we have a lot of clearing and cleaning up to do first.  It is unbelievable at how much ‘stuff’ has either just been left where ever it fell or was buried by the previous owners. Old vehicles- an old car, lawn tractor, wood stove, two milk vans, a camper van and all sorts of vehicle parts, motors & axles strewn about the property – not to mention random pieces of metal, broken tools and furniture. It’s a bit overwhelming but I have the next six months that I can plug away at it. Since we’ve decided we will probably buy this place next year – it is worth my time and energy to start getting things cleaned up now.

I’ve planted all my containers and spread them in the yard around an old wagon front axle and a couple of old falling apart mini wagons. The smaller wagons were in really rough shape so I fixed them up and spray painted them black and they look great. Now I just need the weather cooperate so I can get the raised planters I want to build finished and planted with veggies. The plan for them is lettuce, chives, onions, garlic, carrots & a few potatoes. But not until we are past the threat of frost. I’ve been moving the smaller flower containers inside the greenhouse or the house at night and covering the bigger ones with crop covers to keep them from freezing. So far it seems to be working out.

The flowers consist of petunias, pansies, geraniums, bacopa, lavender, lilacs & hyacinthe and I transplanted all the naturalized columbine to around the fence. Delphiniums, nasturtiums and sunflowers have been started inside and are just waiting to be moved outside. Hopefully after the long weekend.


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