… than to watch the sun rise while listening to the morning songbirds?

As I write this – the morning sun is just gaining strength and the gentle pink and lavender sunrise is giving way to the golden rays of morning sun. The sky is brightening to its’ incredible pollution free blue and a variety of songbirds have been serenading since just before dawn. By the way – I’m not referring to our rooster who starts heralding the morning at 4am!

I’ve always been an early morning person and it is my favorite time of the day. The gentle hush that is so unique to the early morning interrupted by a robins’ trilling, the cheerful sounds of chickadees, sparrows and our tree swallows; the staccato rat-a-tat- of the woodpeckers, the strident calls of the herons, cranes and geese from the estuary. This is the symphony that greets me each morning. I’m able to enjoy that first cup of coffee while listening to theses sounds and watching the dogs run, with noses to the ground, as they follow the trail of whatever nocturnal visitors passed through the property last night. Mornings like this remind me so much of my mom, when she used to sit outside and soak in the tranquility. This was her favorite time of day too… and I really miss sharing it with her; she would have loved it here.

Anyway, this morning dawned bright and warm – starting out at +6C – which is as warm as we reached for a daytime high only a few days ago. The weather forecast is for sunshine and really warm temperatures and I am so happy to finally see that after this past week (month) of wet and chilly days.

It’s been fun this past week to try to identify all the different migratory birds that have arrived and spend part of each day at our pond. From the resident pair of mallards to the baffle heads and cinnamon teals, and a variety of songbirds that I haven’t been able to see well enough to identify in my bird identification book. There is also the croaking of frogs and the distant chorus of coyotes to add to the daily morning symphony. Nature in all its’ glory.

The Baffleheads & Cinnamon teals: these images are stock – I couldn’t get clear enough pictures with my camera.

This Victoria day long weekend will see us doing more work around the property, brush clearing and burning, clean up and more garden area prep. I expect I’ll be making several trips to the local landfill site since this is our first spring here and each passing day we find more and more that needs to be cleaned up. A bit frustrating but also great, because with each new day the place is looking better and better!

Wishing you all a wonderful long weekend… enjoy the sun!


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